Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of the Vox Chaotica council! It has been a really weird year. I started this blog August 28, 2014 for my Professional Arts Practices class—shout out to my fellow classmate (and significantly better blogger) KáLeena Genette, author of the VHAMA blog.  We went through Ms. [REDACTED]'s class, all its trials and tribulations and insane (though helpful) projects... *Shakes himself, as if to discard the mantle of deep reflection* ANYWAY ON TO OTHER STUFF YEAH OKAY YEAH.

Not much has changed. Except basically everything:

I finished college. All the way done. Here's a picture to prove that!

Because it's awesome.

My band is actually exactly the same. But here's a picture of us being AWESOME at CRESCENT BALLROOM last week!


My favourite gif is still the same... Though remember friends, we will fight if you pronounce it wrong. Choosy moms slap kids if you call them jifs—only the peanut butter gets that lovely title. [PS GIF comes from Graphics Interchange Format]

Literally the best gif made by the human race

Also, I guess we should do a little retrospective about the best posts and stuff on the blog.

Check out my:

First Post - a whimsy tale about how I am actually a real person doing a real blog. Maybe not all that whimsy, but I like to think so.

Most Liked Post - a truly titled tale of how my sister and I are the best siblings ever, and how much I miss her while she's away at college.

Personal Favourite Post - A ridiculous and only partially false retelling of my intense struggle with a real-life Moorish Princess.

Most Random Post - Yes. I did a whole post about whales. And some random guy (with plausible connections to the extremist wing of PETA) started following my blog because of it.

All in all, I think it's been a pretty decent year. Maybe if I can get my act together, this upcoming one can be EVEN BETTER!

tl;dr - Everything in the world is great, and I miss you guys, and maybe this will help me stay on top of a twice-weekly posting schedule...?