Dusty, Rutsy, Laffy-Taffy

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! *Blows dust off his keyboard* Does this thing even work anymore?

Hello! It's 9am! Aren't we all up and smiley yet?

*Sings a bit of a Sunshine Skater Kids song*


*In the distance, the ring of a typewriter finishing a line echoes*

Okay, well at least I know I'm here. And sweet motha-flippin-yeesus, has it been a while since I've been here. There are all sorts of late fees and re-filing paperwork sheets to fill out, but at least Alan stayed around. ALAN PLEASE FINISH THE REST OF THIS PAPERWORK! LOOKING AT IT—oh you're right here. Sorry. ALAN, LOOKING AT IT MAKES ME SAD AND YOU AREN'T DOING ANYTHING ELSE, SO TAKE CARE OF IT.

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes. I'm blogging again. And in all honesty, this could end up exactly as the last attempt went (or didn't go), but I miss this, and there's at least one person who misses my blog, even just a little bit. So I redesigned it, and now I think I'll just try and do one post a week, so I'm not burning myself out from the beginning by trying to write something consistently good [we can stretch that definition, can't we?] so often...?

So I guess hello again, and I'll be back soon.

How are you? What are you all up to? What interesting have you been up to?

tl;dr - from the void, a man appeared, claiming he was a person you once knew when the leaves still clung to the trees and the sky was a sapphire just out of reach. he bids you welcome, and apologises for the lost time, but you still feel cautious around him because you don't recognise those eyes, and you thought he had left his world for good.