This is Cutter Videan Industries, home to the various ventures of Lord Cutter Videan. Chief among these is Second Sight Academy, a school to teach Tarot. Musical composition, recording, and production lives under the Hero of Time Studios moniker. Vox Chaotica (a very strange and fascinating chronicle of Cutter’s thoughts) is a sometimes blog.

Okay, that literally took seven whole days to come up with because I have an incredible issue with being what I like to call Business Direct. Words are too much fun, so here’s a better taste of what I’m like:

The dull red light of the alarm clock flashes over to 2:11AM, momentarily banishing the faint glow of moonlight through the windowshade. Cutter Videan turns over in his sleep, his dreams plagued by spectral images of Medieval figures holding swords, and also sky whales. At 6:02 sharp, he rises from bed, kisses his well-loved plush tiger, Timber, and sits at the computer. He’s writing this. Right now. …how M E T A…!

For one entire hour each day, Cutter teaches music to elementary students at his old elementary school in Chandler, AZ. It’s absolutely a blast, since they’re 4, 5, and 6 years old and know about as much traditional music theory as he does. But they all love singing and are so full of joy, which makes them all just scale replicas of Cutter.

The rest of his life is unequally divided between creative endeavours. He teaches Tarot; occasionally [like very occasionally] composes, records, and produces music; plays way too many video games for his mother’s liking [the storytelling is great in PUBG, believe me]; reads way too few books for his sister’s liking, and embarks on various literary-based adventures, like Vox Chaotica and a grand-scale D&D campaign for his friends.