I don't want to set the woooooooorld oooooon fiiiiiiiire!

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! As the following is the fifth iteration of this opening paragraph, it would be delightful if you could just take your seats and reminisce about better times where Cutter's efforts were not always in an apologetic tone (I'm so sorry, guys...), there were way too many links, and the alt-text was super-par (that's when it's better than par... Like the opposite of sub par... It was funny in my head, guys, really). Also, if you would be so kind as to leave a description of your impression of this introductory paragraph, the author would be ecstatic and would probably name his first-born child after you.

Anyway, here's a funny picture of me to break the ice. [Editor's note: it's been so long since I was here last that I feel like I need to break the ice with you again. Awkward, right? I think so. Maybe we could start a club of people who feel awkward about it. And then maybe we can give them points for it... Wink wink, nudge nudge.]

A reason why I should never EVER wear a cowboy hat.

So Christmas. That's a thing that happened. It was cool, I guess. Nah—I kid, I kid. CHRISTMAS WAS FREAKING AWESOME! I love my family (even the extended ones: see below), and I still act like a five-year-old in regards to Christmas: I get up at like five in the morning but have to wait until seven because my parents and sister want to, like, sleep, or whatever [the most losery losers in all of Losertown U-Lose-A]. So I got a bunch of cool things, but it was really nice for us all to just be hanging out and not doing anything. I think we watched a couple episodes of Chuck... Whatever. It was nice, and I hope you guys were all doing cool things on the 25th, even if yours were not Christmas related. Maybe dedicating a sacrifice to Thor (because it's near the Winter Solstice and it was Thor's Day)?


Anyway, I've decided to go back to Moon Day, Woden's Day, and Frigg's Day posts. Tiw's Day and Frigg's Day is too lax. So back to the normal.

Anyway, enough of me blabbering on about nothing for a million years. How are you? What have you guys been up to? Do you have someone to ingloriously make out with tomorrow evening (New Year's Eve kisses are evidentially special or a coveted thing or whatever).

tl;dr Norse Mythology is awesome. I am back for a while. I tried to be funny and I have no idea if I was. I ask some awkward questions and have some awkward pictures. Yeah.