Starting school right

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! School starts tomorrow. Except for my unfortunate friends (or rather my sister's friends who have been complaining about) at Dobson high who started last week. I mean, it's my alma mater or whatever, so I guess caring should be a thing—but as with basically all my schools, I don't keep in touch. Except having said that, I now have to backpedal because I've discussed returning to help my old Drama teacher with improv games and stuff for his acting classes. Anyway...

I think my directors were trying to push me to be a cross-dresser. This was perhaps the first of many times I dressed in drag for my character.

I'm super stoked for my classes. Except it's one class. And before you haters start hating (flammin in da commints belo) please take a second to realise that I am a sixth-year college student (this is my twelfth semester, and third major) and I only have two things left to do before I graduate: this honors class and an internship.

So let's get this done right. Myth and Mysteries of the Tarot is the name of my class. Give it a moment. Let it sink in. Recall that this is an honors class... Then drip in the new knowledge that it's an upper-division honors class. About Tarot. [Editor's note: if you are thinking of the semi-poisonous plant Taro, you are mistaken and you make me sad. Unless you're a botanist.] This is an upper-division honours class about the mystic divining card deck which is so often used as a sad troupe in movies and television shows. And this is the last academic class I ever have to take for my undergraduate degree. I get to end with freaking Tarot.

I talked a bit before about Dishonored (SUCH a good game) in my post about whales. It's a fantastic game—don't get me wrong, I don't think it's quite Legend of Zelda status—and it's what really got me into tarot. The eyes cast at me from people who've played this game are burning on the back of my head, as the tarot plays the most minor role ever in the game itself. BUT a couple years back one of my roommates came back with a weirdly large set of playing cards and was like, "Yeah, there were some people by the MU giving these out as a promotional thing. I'm never going to use them, you want them?" So I stole them and started researching them.

Swords for swords, pistols for wands, skulls for cups, rats for pentacles.I mean, like all kids... I thought about saying how all kids actually did research into magic (Wiccan, Eastern, Druidic, Native American, and others), then I realised I'm straight-up the weirdest person you'll ever meet, so I am probably one of the very few people who actually bought books and stuff to learn how to actually do magic. Like I use to go to Lotus Tarot's website to do their free six-card reading at least once a week. I learned about spirit animals and how to find yours (mine was originally a tortoise, or small land turtle—I have always wanted it to be a tiger), how the smokes from different burning herbs augment a spell as it is being cast, and a whole bunch of other stuff I thought was awesome but never truly believed in.

Suda51 is an amazing—if somewhat maniacal and twisted—man. I will give him all my money forever yes.Anyway, what I'm really saying is that if you guys are ever bored, send me a message and give me a question. I'm taking a class about tarot and will be doing readings a lot, so I should get pretty good at channelling the Universal energies and be able to give you super-100%-guaranteed-for-sure readings with absolutely no errors.

tl;dr Cutter is taking what may be the cheatiest class ever offered by Barrett, and is super proud. He briefly describes his short obsession with modern magic, and reveals his hopeful spirit animal to be a tiger. He is also going to get back on track soon with regular posts. He loves you all and is perpetually stuck in third-person. He apologises for any off-puttance this accrues.