Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! You know that feeling you get when you pass by your favourite Thai restaurant you haven't eaten at in like five months—but in the past you used to eat there every week with a group of friends—and you say, "Ahh, what fun I had. I should really go there again. It was SO TASTY you DON'T even KNOW!" and, expecting an answer, you look around your battered car and you realise you were just talking to the gods because there certainly isn't anyone else who could have heard you? That's kind of how I feel about my blog. Except the part where you go and eat somewhere else because you really felt like a good quesadilla.

[Imagine a fantastic picture here—once I get the ability to pull pictures from my phone again, I'll edit this.]

You may ask why there's no picture, and just a lame bit about imagining a picture. You'd be justified—but not Justified. I did a dumb thing: I tried to make some space on my phone by changing my songs from high quality (lossless files) to medium quality (lossy files), but that means half my music is impossible to access. [Cutter lost himself in his techspeak, please forgive him] Anyway, I've been trying to correct this heinous error, and what with my thesis coming to a close, I have been sorely neglecting my blog.

Speaking of, I AM DONE WITH MY REVISIONS AND I AM SO EXCITED CAN YOU TELL!? I just have to get the signatures, and I'm free! No more writing on my 100-page thesis document, no more recordings for the songs, no more messing with video and the exporting of said gigantic file... It is going to be absolutely glorious, and no longer having to worry about grades is a super plus.

Anyway, there's nothing to keep me from posting on my blog now, so feel free to give me plenty of abuse if I don't post regularly.

Anyone have any plans for winter break? Cool places to go, cool people to be with?