Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of the Vox Chaotica Council! IT IS DONE! I turned in my thesis this morning at nine, and I'm all FINISHED!

The video is here (in sort of terrible video quality—but alas), and once I negotiate with New Directions Publishing, I might be able to put up the actual songs for purchase—but all you know you'd be able to get it for free, you crazies!

Ladies and Gentlemen, my thesis!

So that's really it. I've taken today off (thus the really late post), except for uploading the video to YouTube which took about an hour and a half. So to offset the really short post, here's a picture of the stack of papers that is my thesis.

It's 100 freaking pages.

A quick anecdote: I printed my whole thesis document out last night in a fit of terror and stress. I burned a DVD of all the files (the five songs, the audio of the performance, the video of the performance). I submitted it online. I show up today at the advising office, and I say to the nice lady, "Hey, is this where I turn in my thesis?" And she looks at my stack of paper and is like, "Yeah! Just give me your abstract, the signature page, and the online submission confirmation... Oh. Well, you can... uh... keep the rest of the thesis to bind it...? A lot of other people get it bound. And if you've already submitted the audio and video files, you can keep the disc." So I returned home with 97% of my printed thesis, and 100% of my burned disc, and only 17.65% shame.

tl;dr Cutter is too excited and in need of an actual vacation to post anything worthwhile, but look for something inane and mostly useless for everyday life tomorrow or the next day. Or maybe Monday. I dunno. Point is, I'll be back and thank you all for bearing with me and the end of this insane semester.