Not Much Content

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! As you may have noticed, I did not post this last Moon Day (or the one before it). Moon Day was a day of terror and painstaking awful writing that I am glad I have behind me and would very much like to forget. In all honesty though, it wasn't that bad, just time-consuming. So guess what time it is! TIME FOR ONE OF THESE BAD BOYS!

But back to the thing: I received many, many comments over the last three days (mostly because I had sixty classmates who were assigned to do so for one of my classes) which were very positive about me and my blog. I just want you all to know how awesome you all are, how appreciative I am of your immense kindness, and that I was blushing super hard. Harder than your stereotypical anime schoolgirl whose crush just said something in her general direction.

Anyway... I went to Flagstaff again this weekend, which was kind of a bummer because I had to spend the whole drive there and back working on homework. But Codi's performance in the 40th Annual Northern Arizona University Holiday Dinner was stunning and beautiful. Granted, there were some weird arrangements. I'm talking w e i r d arrangements for some songs, like one of my/Mum's favourite lullabies ever: Coventry Carol. [Editor's note: that link goes to a good rendition of the song, not the weird arrangement. I wouldn't wish that rendition on my worst enemies...]

She's, like, a really good singer.

While I'm in the general vicinity of Christmas songs, lemme share a few of mine with you: Good King Wenceslas is my favourite carol (so English); Oi to the World is my favourite Christmas-themed (loosely) song; and The Wren in the Furze is my favourite Winter song. I guess my only request is that you don't judge me too hard.

So now the semester is over, I don't know if I'll still be posting thrice a week. It may drop down a bit, and it may switch over to different days. I'm not too worried about it (because I love this weird sort of online diary thing, and for whatever reason, you guys keep reading).

So how are you? How many of us are actually on Winter Break? What plans do you have for the holidays? Inquiring minds (aka Cutter) want to know.

tl;dr Cutter's a bit burnt out from writing around 100 pages in the last two weeks, and is in need of some rest. The blog will continue to be updated because Cutter likes having an operational blog, but he's not sure if he will stick to as strict a schedule as he has previously. Also he shows interest in you.