Ariana Enriquez

Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of the Vox Chaotica Council!

It's Fanday Friday.


It's Fanday Friday!

Scream it out for the world to hear!

It's Fanday! Friday!!


Alright everyone! That's it. We're done here. Meet you next week—same time, same place.

Let's get this going; time to break it down; this is the real deal. [Listen, I just needed to get those out of my system, friends... It's been so long since I said any of them they all just sort of fell out...]

Ariana Enriquez. She's a painter. Which is weird because I thought all painters were completely covered in paint like all the time, and I have yet to see any zinc white or cadmium green in her hair or on her clothes. Small tangent—WHAT THE CRAP, VISUAL ARTISTS?! The elements are for chemists (honestly, that's basically the only thing they have... did you have to take that from them?)! Occasionally, she embroiders, and break—ALAN! Alan is this right...?—Alan has confirmed she breakdances.

At least, that's what she does when not tied down by her job; working as the Student Assistant to the Curator of Education at the ASU Art Museum. Which she actually really enjoys doing (having an awesome boss does in fact make your work life significantly easier—can I get a YEAH from the audience?); she might be able to take you on a tour of the ASU Art museum and help the little ones discover their latent artistic tendencies.

She says: "Me in heaven."

Ariana long ago gave up—unfortunately, in my opinion—the dream of being a spy, but her passion for her art is inspiring and her chances of staying alive are certainly at least 300% better. Now she really just wants to be happy, though that happiness will likely involve so much paint. Some of the artists who she wants to emulate (or rather, whose styles she wants to combine to become a super-artist) are Brett ManningNiki Pilkington, Kelly Rae Roberts, Carne Griffiths and Gabriel Moreno. When asked to describe herself in seven words or less, she said: "A dedicated, sarcastic, inspired, anxious artistic being."

Our lovely painter currently resides in Chandler, Arizona, and dreams of living anywhere that's full of grassy fields, good restaurants, and decent art museums—as long as it's not far from her family. Some random facts: one of her favourite book is Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell; she admires the drive and passion her uncle has for his own art (stage performance); her favourite smell is the Coconut Lime scent from Bath and Body works; art is literally her life—it is her true job, her whole being, and her self-appointed obligation to the world. She likes Alt-J (∆ for those of us in the know), Young the Giant, The Head and the Heart, her grandparent's Yorkie Xena, and is a fan of the great Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom). Her favourite drink is a Frappuccino with mountains of whipped cream (ideal coffee to sugar/cinnamon ratio: 1 to 3). The song I would describe Ariana with is: "The Fox, the Crow and the Cookie" by mewithoutYou.

Is it weird that I now can only envision Ariana painting her face on every morning?

tl;dr Ariana is an amazing artist, a delightful person, and very dedicated student. You should definitely check out her blog and her Facebook artist's page. And then go and buy all her art forever.