Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of the Vox Chaotica Council! Before we get any further, it's time for another one of these... I'm sorry guys—this is going to be a short post. And to combat this atrocity, I am planning a twitter/facebook/wordpress Q&A day next week over and above my normal posts! *Cutter imitates a crowd gasping, oohing and ahhing, and being generally shocked*

Bringing you the best in Phoenix's Indie Pop Rock Scene since 2013!At the Grand Avenue Festival 2014, a fantastic band is playing an amazing set of the greatest songs ever written by Grace, Cayce, Cutter and Zach. Be at Bragg's Pie Factory at 5 p.m. to be sonically uplifted!

Because I don't have enough text to make an adequate post, here's an incentive to come see us play tomorrow:


Also, this show and my thesis have completely taken over my life, which is why you lovely people are being short-changed by the terrible horrible person I am. You guys are all cool kids, and hopefully you had chill days.

tl;dr Cutter is a terrible blogger, and is unfortunately overwhelmed by his musical performances. He loves you though, and encourages you all to redeem your Apology Passes.