42 Foods and Showvember (it's totally a thing)

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! How are you? I don't think I've ever asked that—a fact that my mother and Grandmother (here's to you, Grandma Magic!) would be terribly ashamed. Actually let me know how you're doing in the comments, yeah? You're all awesome and I want to know.

Anyway, now we have that out of the way, there are a couple quick announcments:

1) The Darling Sounds have two shows coming up! One is this coming Saturday, November 8; starting 5 p.m. at Bragg's Pie Factory as part of the Grand Avenue Festival. "We're terrible, please come...?" [A solid 100 points if you can tell me who said that quote, and what it's from.]

2) The other show we're playing is Friday, November 28 at The Trunk Space. It's our demo release show! We put significant hours into this masterpiece of lo-fi music used to entice labels, and you will be able to FIND IT AND DOWNLOAD IT ON THE INTERNET!

3) My thesis show (Cutter Videan ft. The Darling Sounds) is Friday, November 21; starting at 6 p.m. at Night Gallery (ASU's gallery at the Tempe Marketplace).

4) I am going to be promoting this shamelessly and quite often until the end of the month, because The Darling Sounds are absolutely phenomenal in all sorts of ways and I love them. Also my music is cool or whatever. If you're into that kind of thing. Maybe. ...Or whatever. ANYWAY HERE'S A SICK PIC FOR YOUR GORGEOUS EYE-HOLES!

All our shows have the dials turned up to 11.So honestly, here's the deal. I've hit a Wednesday slump nearly as bad as the Star Wars sagging middle Episode V. [I can say that because The Empire Strikes back is literally one of my favourite movies ever. Hoth made me who I am today.] This post has nowhere to go and I'm reiterating information I've already given you. Which means it's time for a new section I like to call:


Now some of you lovely reader-type people (you know who you are!) know me a bit better, so this won't be such a surprise to you, but I'm a really picky eater. Think of the pickiest person you know. Then multiply by ten their pickiness factor. That's about two percent of my insane (some might call it inane... Mum.) dislike of most foods.

I wasn't always like this. First hand reports (mostly from Mum and Da's stories, but also from their baby journals about me) say that up until I was about two, I would eat anything remotely near my face. Waffles, pickles, sticks of butter, grated parmesan out of a bowl... It was kind of ridiculous. But then one day I just stopped. Cereal was still fine, but only plain. Waffles with no syrup, only butter. Pasta, but no red sauce. White rice. Only apples for my fruit portions, and get those vegetables AWAY from me! My body is a TEMPLE and those HEATHEN, GREEN fibrous and/or leafy ABOMINATIONS are not WELCOME here!

And that didn't change for a long time. I still basically survive because of Dragon Warrior magics—I can sustain all functions with only imbibing a single drop of dew and the essence of the universe. As long as a single drop of dew equates to Hot Apple Cider and the essence of the universe translates into cheesy rice... But over time I have expanded my scope of food intake: I think one of the first re-incorporations happened when I was twelve—I tried a pickle from Duck and Decanter, and I about sucker-punched myself for never having re-tried those stupidly amazing cucumber enhancements.

It almost counts, but the frying pan was still half-full when I was done because I didn't eat any of the vegetables.

But we all want to know about The List. Originally Cutter's List of 42 Edible Foods, I took the time to write out what I actually eat, and consider healthy (I don't count candies or ice-cream or any of your stereotypical junk foods, because I'm not so picky there). And I've kept it updated over the years, so I'll be posting up a page with the list tomorrow, so we can all have a good laugh and contest things and the categories I've put foods in. Anyway, you can find it here, or under the OTHER tab at the top.


tl;dr Cutter and The Darling Sounds have a wonderful SHOWVEMBER lined up (it's totally a thing), and Cutter reveals he is the worst eater in the history of forever. You guys are awesome and he wants to know how you're doing—let him know in the comments, yeah?