Typewriters are the FUTURE (of 1900's America)

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! First and foremost, more details for the Q&A. I will be free and willing to answer any and all questions you have for me (anonymously or not) this Thursday, November 13. You can direct your questions to me here publicly on wordpress (anons welcome!), on my tumblr (anons also welcome!), or on twitter (anons welcome, but unsure if you can actually tweet at me anonymously...?)! I'll likely wake up around 9 a.m. and be awake until midnight, so flood all my inboxes with your deepest, craftiest, strangest, shallowest, nicest questions and I will answer them! Unless I deem them personally harmful or of malicious intent (like legitimately asking questions insinuating I am not the gentlemen I present myself to be, or that I have done illegal and harmful things to others). LET THE QUESTIONS RAIN DOWN UPON ME LIKE THE TORRENTIAL FLOODS WE WERE ALL SO CONCERNED ABOUT LIKE FOUR WEEKS AGO!

Secondly, I have recently come into the knowledge that my parents lived before computers were a thing. SHOCKING, I know. I nearly keeled over from this jolt of reality, but it's true: I found a Brother Correctronic 50 electric typewriter in one of the myriad closets in the Videan Homestead—funnily enough, not in the Cave of Wonders, where nearly everything else magically appears from.

[Editor's Note: I am unable to put my pictures in this as I am away from my normal space and my pictures are being hateful and uncooperative.]

(Really awesome picture of a Brother Correctronic 50 Electric typewriter, which I found at the Videan Homestead. I also refuse to take a picture of this from the Internets and source it because the pictures on the internet are regrettably terrible)

You get 600 points if you can tell me what the letter says in full.

So here's the deal: I've been really into typewriters, and one of my classes told me to look into conventions, and my first instinct was to totally fangirl over SXSW (South by Southwest for all you non-elitist-musicians out there), but the problem is that the website was not user-friendly at all to my tastes, and I couldn't find any bands they've booked. So, prompted by my newfound obsession (and some friendly shoving in the right direction), I'm going to talk a bit about a fantastic convention I found for typewriters:

International Typewriter Collector's Convention

This—admittedly small—convention (check the link above to see the full roster of attendees and where they're from), is a fantastic get-together of typewriter enthusiasts with really interesting presentations about women and typewriters, learning about teaching typewriters, and the creative ways the typewriter has been incorporated into modern society. It takes place in August every year (a good time to be in Wisconsin, as the actual winter months are frigid and awful by anyone else's standards—especially winterless Arizonans). I am sort of obsessed with typewriters, and this would be a lovely place to be and meet a bunch of other people who are entirely too excited to be in a room with old writing instruments.

(A really beautiful picture of a Royal Portable Model O—this is so pretty)

I will forever be disappointed by the situation in the alt-text linked in the caption.tl;dr Cutter really likes typewriters, and he will quickly put pictures and embellish the post a bit more once he is back in his normal space. You guys are awesome, and you can ask me questions all day this coming Thursday!