Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! I can feel it in my bones.

Normally that is said by an old crone, in reference to her left femur–the sure sign that rain will be here by sundown. Or by your cliché melodramatic actor who just can't stand how in love he is with... her...! But today, it's just your average Cutter, sitting in Gallery 100, using too many commas in his sentences, chewing on a piece of gum, and wondering what to write about.

A creepy ghostish voice croons from out of frame: Be weary, traveller, Cutter is about to wax phiolosophic and be a titanic whiney first-world white male with too much privilege! Also, did you know titanic derives from the ancient greek Titans, who were the precursors (and sometimes abusive parents) to the gods on Olympus? The ghostish voice wafts away talking about Greek mythology. [Editor's note: the Greek/Roman myths have no place in this blog until the Norse Gods by Days of the Week series is complete–next one's Frigg]

I'm running out of steam, and I can feel it in my bones.

Don't get me wrong–I love creating. Making things is my passion in a huge, big bada boom way. I compose and perform music, I frankenstein awful photoshops, I write this blog, and I have some stories hidden on other, older blogs which I won't link you to. But always do whatever I can to completely immerse myself in creative projects because my best work comes when I pour my whole being into my creations. It's rather taxing–like doing a full-body workout while doing a full theatric rendition of all Shakespeare's sonnets. Actually, nothing is like that. That's a totally unique experience, and today we have learned Cutter's metaphors are not always the best. Or even that good at being metaphors. But they all get trophies because we're ALL WINNERS, YAAAAAY!


College has always been kind of a gigantic energy-suck in my opinion. The majority of classes offered are there to teach you about something, but the assignments, projects, and lessons themselves do not encourage or engage creativity in a meaningful way. Creatives like myself often try to add as much creativity to our assignments as we can because that way we'll actually do them, and not just participate in staring contests with our blank Word documents. Eventually, we run out of creative things to do to alleviate the soul-crushing burden of busywork homework, tedious lectures, and the rogue black hole that is the group project.

I'm hitting that point. I am saddled with an unfortunately planned and presented project in my Indie Film class, I'm working on my thesis music, trying to generate interest for artists to submit art for my thesis, trying to get my thesis paper written, just finished the demo recordings for my band, am writing this blog, finished a "make your sphere a better place" project for my Professional Arts Practices class, and am prepping for both the performance of my thesis and the demo release show for The Darling Sounds. [Seriously though, The Quilt Demo is so amazing. It's going to get a post all its own after the release] In the words of a tired and old Bilbo Baggins, "I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread."

Armenian Pilaf, guys. SO GOOD! Go find a recipe for it right now.

I am sure my creative manna will come from heaven (please let it rain, rain is the best and I love it and it will make me all melancholy and full of desire to write music), but that's not really my problem...

I'm running low. Literally I'm running out of steam. I'm not worried about being inspired to write music or finding things to write about–those just take a bit of time. What I need is someone to buy me another soul in a jar from eBay so i can hook it into my robot interior and use it to power my old-tech Soviet steam engine. Poor old sods... I wonder if my programmers are watching over me from Communist Hell (which I assume looks a lot like heaven to everyone else).

tl;dr Cutter talks about inspiration, a creepy ghost voice ruins everything, he awards his awful metaphors with trophies, and muses about Communist Hell. There's a bit about food in there, but it was muddled. A little unfocused. Maybe a 7/10 for this post.