4 teh n00bz! Or any other delightful people visiting.

Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of the Vox Chaotica Council! And also for everyone who comes to see me because of the Professional Arts Practices class, I thought I should put something up for you. A brief overview, if you will.

I am not normal, by any stretch of the imagination. I embrace that insanity and pour a good portion into this blog, filling each post with inane bits of trivia, ridiculous passages detailing erroneous historical events, and even running a tourney (with an actual prize)!


We have our first person to garner a super-point in the tourney!


My blog is kind of like putting six tea bags of Cutter Personality with Chamomile and Ginseng in a six once cup and letting it brew for an hour past the 3-5 minute steep time on the package (of course I'm an herbal tea, you crazy. Have you tasted green tea? who would want to be a tea that everyone says tastes like hay?). So consider this a friendly list for you to get a good feel for who I am.

This is a picture of me:

Battlebear Cutter

The Director's Cut is my better bio.

What people seem to like most are my Fanday Friday! posts (Maybe Bear and Ann N Videan have the top views for those).

The most popular post by far is Codi, if you don't read this we can be friends anymore.

Probably the most fun I had writing a post was for Queries for Cutter.

I encourage you to read the alt-text, because it's literally everywhere on this blog, and quite worth reading, I think.

This is my favourite gif:

Literally the best gif made by the human race

Everything else is good for reading if you liked what you read here.

Anyway, a thousand warm welcomes to you and yours, and I wish you all good luck and godspeed.


PS - This is the first time I've ever signed any of my posts, but it's cool. It feels right. I'm not going to make it weird if you don't. I promise. Yeah it's totally not weird right? Really doesn't feel like that scene where Scott is talking to Ramona about Pac-Man...

tl;dr Cutter wants to not be a scary man and so tried to give you a palatable introduction to himself. You are a fantastic reader, and I hope to see you back sometime soon.