Art for Labyrinths

Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of the Vox Chaotica Council! A gentle reminder that there is an official tourney going on here. I'm not pulling your chain or whatever clichéd metaphor you'd prefer–this is a literal thing. It's frankly a ludicrous system, but I am nothing if not eternally ridiculous. For reasons which I may disclose by the end of this sentence, I am going to again postpone our lovely tour through the days of the week by Norse pantheon. Instead, I am calling out to you again, dear readers: I need your visual art.

In my Professional Arts Practices class at ASU Tuesday, I let my twelve-colour fool flag fly too much–stammering my way through a call for art for my thesis. It went over pretty well, I think, as I saw a few people scribbling around the time I gave out my contact information (why I didn't just give out the business cards sitting not ten feet from me, I will never know), but for both sections of the class, I left out details and sent people here without making sure I had good info. I am fixing that quite soon (read: the below paragraphs)

It's over 9000!

For those of you new to the blog, if I ever do anything I consider wrong I'll admit it rather blatantly and give you this link. This is one of those times. I am sorry for not delivering this information better. If you give me the attached document, I will be forced to comply as immediately as humanly possible and we will both be better off for it, I think.

Anyway, to what you all need to know:

As a musician and thoroughly non-conforming individual, my thesis is not your traditional paper–I am writing, producing, recording and eventually performing a concept album based around seven stories from Jorge Luis Borges' collection titled Labyrinths (my project bears the same name; and it is not laziness, it is an homage to Borges' genius!)

[Editor intervention: That was a terrible attempt at humour by the unfortunate sod named Cutter Videan. You see, he is not a very pretentious person, so the inherent irony in his pretending to be very pretentious and beholden to faceless readers could be slated as comedy. But any attempt at humour was automatically negated by his admitting to and explaining the joke with the editor's note troupe he is so secretly fond of.]

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Stay on target, STAY ON TARGET! Above are teasers for four of my seven songs. Each of the songs are titled for their respective stories: The Secret Miracle, The Garden of Forking Paths, The Immortal, The Circular Ruins, The Library of Babel, Funes the Memorious, and The Lottery in Babylon. The music is based in post-rock, though bits of alternative and electronica are thrown in because I like the way they groove. You catch my cosmic drift, soul-sibling? Then slide me some skin and let's go un-harsh some mellows.

... I scare myself sometimes.

What I need from interested visual artists is work that I would be able to use both in the liner notes–that booklet in a CD case that usually contains lyrics is the same thing–and for the physical take-away materials I will be giving out at my performance in November. The simplest guideline for the art is Surreal. Basically anything surreal would float my boat and work with Borges' general themes. If you want something more specific, I want art that ties in with the main themes of the collection: infinity/eternity, dreams, human imposition of logical systems on the illogical universe, the labyrinthine nature of thoughts and the mind, and the idea that the universe is a great circle whose center is any point and whose circumference is unknowable. If you want to be more specific, contact me and I can give you descriptions of the stories to help you.

I need to have the art by the end of October to have time to properly integrate it into the materials and get them printed in time for the performance. At this time I will not be able to pay you–if I am able to sell the album (unsure as of yet due to copyright law), I will contact all involved parties and we'll figure out what I can do for you. But this is a fantastic opportunity to get your art credited and out into the public.

tl;dr Cutter needs art for his liner notes and physical take-aways for his show. Make/submit surreal art about dreams and infinity and contact Cutter with them because he would love to credit you. If you checked earlier, I AM SO SORRY! Print out the document linked in the paragraph below my super-saiyan picture and give it to me. You are all amazing.