Codi if you don't read this we can't be friends anymore.

Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of the Vox Chaotica Council! I know you are all going to be so terribly unhappy I won't be continuing our tour of the Norse Pantheon through the days of the week today (next up is Woden–the first nine people to tell me who Woden is get 90 points each! YES that is a game we're still playing. In fact, it's official now). But something much more important has come up–something that will make the sentimental among us sigh and inwardly melt–my sister [now with 100% more truth!].

No we totally don't look alike, if you say you can see how we're related, you're lying. Love yooooou~

She's a lovely person all full of laughter and intelligence and determination and friendship. She's a bit shy (nowhere near my level of terminally shy) around new people, but she's always looking for new things to do and exploring the living daylights out of life. She hates short jokes, so if you tell her one, expect to be punched–Da taught her how to punch well, to EVERYONE'S dismay, because she's a little loose with her fists. Instead, talk to her about theatre, or design, or fashion, or basically anything else because Codi's interests super diverse (cat videos to global sustainability, that kind of diverse). Most people call her an old soul, because she's got maturity to match anyone twenty years older than she is; when she was four, she asked Mum: "Why do you always treat me like a child?" to which mum replied: "Because you are a child." Face full of distain, Codi said: "Well that's not fair!"

Codi is pretty legit. Whereas I am a very lax, come what may kind of guy (someday someone will compare me to Ewan McGregor–even if erroneously–and it will be the crowning achievement of my life), Codi is an over-achiever to the max and only lets opportunities go by because she cannot physically be in more than three places at once. What's that you say? People can only be in one place at once, and that's the whole point of that phrase that I totally butchered? Wrong! The phrase is wrong. Whoever coined it obviously never met Codi.

Only a fraction of the jaw-droppingly amazing feats she accomplished in high school. Not pictured: either of the two National School Choral Awards, the Outstanding Senior Award, the M. D. Olson Award, anything linking her to the zoo, any of her Choir Regionals stuff, or the grinning, proud faces of her parents and brother.

Lemme give you a brief overview of what Codi did in high school: three plays and four musicals in all four years, all sixteen performances of Friday Night Live during her four years (the student-run, -written, -directed, -acted, and -produced sketch comedy show; fun fact, she also did all the video editing for the credits, the video sketches, and the commercials for half these performances as well), she was part of Student Council for two years, part of Choir Council for three years, made Choir Regionals all four years (first chair twice), made All-State junior and senior year (top ten chairs senior year), was in the highest choir her school had to offer for three years, volunteered at the Phoenix Zoo over 250 hours, went to basically all the dances and a large number of the football games, made straight As all four years, was in NHS for two years and FFA for one, and ended up winning more awards than the next three award winners combined. And that's just what I can remember off the top of my head. Also, you may think I'm exaggerating. I'm not-look at this paragraph again and the picture above it.

But Codi and I get along really well. Too well. Scary well.

We always make the best faces

It is essential that you understand that Codi and I are basically exactly the same person. Once, we saw a license plate that read UCAT--- (numbers omitted because I can't remember them or I am trying to keep this driver safe; your choice), and simultaneously, both she and I said "University of California... at Texas...?" Why would that be a thing? Who would think that could be a thing? How could both she and I neglect to see the very evident UofA Wildcat logo on the license plate or matching bumper sticker? Perhaps we will never know the true answers to these questions. This has been Cutter Videan, filling in for Rod Serling, tonight on the Twilight Zone.

While that is a singular example, it is the best, and there's no point for me to go the rest of the post telling you how similar we are. I trust you to trust me, dear reader.

Codi left for NAU in August, and it's been strange not having her around to joke about Conan or Ellen or random cat videos on the internet at two in the morning. And freaking ASU (I have some strong feelings both for and against ASU, to be discussed later) forced me to miss not only Codi's first trip to NAU, but also her orientation there and her move-in. This all resolved quite nicely this last weekend because it was Family Weekend up in Lumberjack country.

The Cutter Videan Family ReunionI finally got to see NAU, though that was a dampened a bit (HAHAHA FUNNY PUN INCOMING) because of the torrential rains there all weekend long (SEE WASN'T IT FUNNY HAHAHA). We drove up through a storm, stayed two days in a storm, and drove back down to the aftermath of the same storm in Phoenix. But we met Codi's new friends and roommate, walked all over campus and learned a lot about bikers and how crazy they are, how Oprah partnered with Starbucks (is this real life?), and how happy Codi is there–which is a lot very much happy always and forever yay yes yaaaah! ← Not an actual quote from Codi. She'd probably say it with me in unison though.


Anyway, I just wanted to take a bit of time and tell you guys that Codi is awesome, that I'm happy she's enjoying her first year at college (even though the homework is waaaay harder than for my first year), and that I miss her lots.

Loves to you, Codi!

PS I knew you'd read this, foodgiver. I hope you like flour.

tl;dr Codi and I are awesome. She won like a million awards, is a freshman at NAU, is my favourite, and I love her so much. Check us out to see what all craziness we get up to.