What's that you say? There's someone I forgot about in my post about The Darling Sounds? YOU ARE WRONG I DID NOT FORGET SHE'S RIGHT HERE AS AN INTERN AND SHE DESERVES HER OWN POST.

Avey is the band intern, ex-manager (by her own wishes), merch guy, moral supporter, and all around superfan of The Darling Sounds. Formerly known as AV, also known as Bandra and Acorn, Sandra is an integral part of the band and has been since Zach's induction as drummer. So think the very beginning. Like fifty million years ago, when man first took a femur and played Dem Bones comically on a ribcage. Little known fact: Avey is Zach's sister! WHAAAAAAAAT? No way... But it's true! She is also the model for the design of the first ever Darling Sounds band tee. I knew her back in high school, but don't ask her about that because high school was a bad time and none of us ever want to go back. In college, Avey studied English Literature and really likes Modernism. She has a poster of Virginia Woolf that she may or may not prize above all her other possessions. She likes Neutral Milk Hotel, Jordaan Mason and the Horse Museum, and Teagan and Sara, writes an amazing comic with her best friend Dustin, and sometimes love-kidnaps Peanut Butter Chocolate Milkshake (the house cat). Her current occupation is English teacher at Central Arizona College. She enjoys coffee more than any other two people I know. The song I would describe Sandra with is: Silvia by The Antlers.

Sandra is awesome in the most apathetic way possible.Without Avey/Acorn/Bandra/Mandra/Sandra, The Darling Sounds would not be as darling, or be making coherent sounds.

tl;dr Avey is a boi of many names, is one of the smartest people I know, and it totally chill basically all the time.