Dreams I-V

Esteemed Gentlemen and Gentlewomen! As this is now the new home of my creative outputs, I thought I should reintroduce my demo, Dreams I-V.

Please enjoy.

Sleep to dream

"O wary traveller, I hear you knocking upon my door. It is late, so come in and share a china cup of tea with me–it will sooth your aching soul. I see the hollows kept behind your eyes and the leaden weight sinking heavy in your heart.

"Sleep now, sleep to dream."

As I laid down in the ratty cot, the mattress rustled a small complaint–my weight must have been the first to strain the frame in many a year. The ash floor creaked as my feet found their arcing way up from the boards, and my sight left in a flash of mercurial moonlight. Rain streaked down the window, blurring the sky's white halo. I rooted my damp overcoat's pockets and gingerly pulled my journal from the felted depths. Laying supine in that stranger's house, I fell asleep reading entries of my half-remembered dreams and foggy memories twined in sleepy stupors...

Perhaps you can read them, and make more sense than I. Perhaps I have forgotten–by choice or by fate–what links these blasted fragments to me.

tl;dr Dreams I-V is reintroduced, the world darkens as I lay in a foreign bed and I dream.