The Darling Sounds

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica council! Seeing as I have done nothing but inundate you all (I can count you on my hand, but you guys are the best–lacking that, at least you're first, right?) with music, what better thing to do that give you more!

Here's the deal. The real deal. All the real deals on the shelves of the realiest, dealiest place you know.

The Darling Sounds

All Darling, all Sounds, all the time.I am only the newest member to this band. And no one in the band follows me here, so they won't know about this immediately and that I'm going to spill all their muckiest, dirtiest secrets.

Like how Grace is super amazing all the time. And Zach is the most talented drummer I know. And how Cayce learned bass for the band in like two days and rocks so hardcore her hair turned from brunette to blonde because of the sonic shock! SCANDAL!

Lemme break it down for you:

Grace plays guitar and sings. She's been playing guitar since she was this small. Oh wait–you can't see that, can you? Well, I held my hand at about mid-thigh height. ... You have no idea how tall I am do you? Listen, she was young. BUT that doesn't mean she wasn't the most talented singer/songwriter I've ever come into contact with. Her voice is like Morrissey if he had been a girl, but not really like that–her voice is actually absolutely amazing and fills you with all the best emotions a voice can. [Tell her I said that she sounds like girl-Morrissey though. She'll like me more.] She likes Radiohead, Interpol, The Smiths, graphic design, and has a cat named Aggie. She is absolutely the most down-to-earth, genuine person and she will stop at nothing to help you be the best you can be. She's just got a new job at The Social Grocer, and her bio there is pretty fantastic. She loves a good toddy. The song I would describe Grace with: This Charming Man by The Smiths.

She sings! She plays guitar! She's our greatness conduit!Zach plays drums. I've known this kid since we were in Junior High. He has nearly always been gangly and tall, and is super proud of his Scandinavian/Spanish heritage. Alright, so not like, "Hi, my name is Zach and I am Scandinavian AND Spanish" proud, but he likes giving people food and he's pale of hair and eye. This boy is the glue what sticks us all together. He has learned the dual enjoyment of doing a thing then writing it down (also known as the joy of planning), and keeps us all in the best spirits with his razor wit and general cleverness. He is secretly the heartthrob all the band's fans, and it's no wonder when you see him do his drum dances (oooooooOOOOOh those hips!). He likes Animal Collective, Neutral Milk Hotel, Death Grips, lives with three roommates in a three-bed house, and appreciates his roommate's cat named Milkshake (or peanut butter milkshake or peanut butter chocolate milkshake or any derivative you can imagine). He is one of my best friends, a conduit of pure creative genius, and he is always there to help you push the boundaries of what you think you can do. And he freaking kills drums–John Bonham, Travis Barker move out of Zach's way. He works at a bank; if you are as concerned as I am, send him this to help me change his mind. He loves a dirty Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latté. The song I would describe Zach with: Cough Cough by Everything Everything.

He makes the best faces when he drums.Cayce plays bass and sings harmonies. Such sweet harmonies cannot be heard anywhere else on this earth. She's married and just got sister tattoos with her best friend forever and always. Honestly, most of her backstory is a mystery to me–but we all know that just means she has a really awesome character arc and is probably slated to star in a film made about her by Marvel's movie machine. So no big deal or anything. She is a tall, lovely human all full of joy and cats and friendliness and cats and 80s music and cats. Also sometimes challah. Cayce likes Cumulus, Daughter, HAIM, balances a love of 80s dream pop with super-legit post-rock, and LORDY does she like cats. It makes her awesome, not a crazy cat lady–if you say otherwise, you'll have to deal with my fists being lifted and shaken in your general direction. She is the most personable and outgoing person in the band, has the insane ability to pick up any bassline you show her in less than five minutes (listen, we even tried Hysteria, she nailed that in like three minutes). She works as a preschool teacher at Temple Chai, teaching all her little Jewish kids the haps about the world and Moses. She loves a nice tea. The song I would describe Cayce with: Cuckoo by Still Corners.

Get that funky groove on, white girl!And that's how you break it down! The band is amazing, and feel free to tell them how awesome they are. Their names (at the beginning of each paragraph) are links to their social media, so go follow them! Also, Victoria Jane did both of our music videos, and all the photography on this page and a lot of other pictures on our facebook as well, and she is the BEST.

tl;dr Zach, Cayce and Grace are the most amazing people to be in a band with. Go find them on tumblr and instagram and stuff. Victoria Jane is the best photographer ever–go pay her all the money and get amazing pictures in return. Also click all the links! Read all the alt-text!