Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! How are you all? I don't hear from many of you. And mostly I just hear from my Mum. [Listen, she's a nice lady, but I already spend waaaaaaay too much time with her, so what I need is other input. Otherwise Mum and I will start a weird feedback loop of awe-sameness which will send the world on an unalterable course to PURE DESTRUCTION!]

So some of you may have heard, but I'm officially an intern for local Arizona label 80/20. They're super legit and I'm very excited to be able to work with them over the course of the semester.

And one last bit of housecleaning before we move on: the call for members of my handwritten correspondence club is open for anyone at all. Just send me your address or a P.O. Box so that I can get this snail-mail train rolling—or maybe it's crawling? Sliming? What do snails do locomotively?

This one goes out to all my mathematicians in the audience! Namely Unicorn Club Highschool Toastmaster— YOU DO YOU, BRO!

I've been terribly out of the habit of posting here. :C It makes my soul sad. But I'm trying to reboot Fanday Friday!, so that will help. But the problem is this: my funny mojo's been off. Now, the illustrious and delightful Others in my band would likely blame it on Mercury being in retrograde, but I think it's just the unfortunate human side of me breaking down the immaculate programming my robot side curates so carefully. Now, I've done like schfourteen-teen tarot readings (read: zero) to try and determine the cause of this (read: I'm about to pull a false conclusion out of the thin air), and the great and powerful cards have told me I need to get out more (read: I actually have been spending too much time replaying Dishonoured, trying to rank up in Hearthstone, and watching WAAAAAAY too much YouTube to be healthy).

Not sure how this applies to anything, except I love fire...

tl;dr Cutter wants to know how you're doing, tells you to join his writing circle, and debates whether his humour is gone because of Mercury being insane, or just his inability to sit down and dedicate himself to being awesome.

PS – You're welcome.