Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! It's been like a million freaking years, and I have a bunch of news to spread around to you all. Or maybe not. Most likely it's just a few random things, but they just feel SO IMPORTANT that they take up extra room in my little heart.

This is the heart I wear always, and there is a whole story about how I'm actually a robot and I pulled this out of my chest because it was uselessly being tossed around inside my chest cavity (it hadn't been connected).

I think I want to break this up into some posts that go a bit more in-depth about each topic, but it's fair (an overdue) I tell you why my posts have been so erratic in the last few months.

The main reason, perhaps surprisingly, concerns me as a person. Because I was an actor for such a long time (read: eleven years in an improvisational theatre troupe), I have become rather adept at concealing my emotions—in particular the ones which are societally uncomfortable to show to people outside your blood-line. And that's a fancy way of pulling the emotion out of it; I switch to sarcasm and jokes to create a shield between my friends and my sadness and loneliness. I feel like an abandoned submarine most of the time. If you're looking for me to expand that metaphor, look at my post Submarine. [Editor's note: read the alt-text on the link unless it's after April 27, 2015]

Honestly, I do feel like a submarine a lot of the time. Alone, cold, dark, searching for something—anything.The other reason is guilt because I really enjoyed Fanday Fridays! but I haven't been put together enough in the last few months to get them out. And I felt like doing something besides Fanday Fridays! would be a bit disgraceful.


I will try to do Fanday Fridays in future, but not weekly. Hopefully monthly, but mostly just whenever I am truly inspired to do one, so they are from the heart and not just a guilt-trip for me to keep posting on Fridays.

On a completely different subject: I AM STILL COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH TAROT.

Celtic Cross spreads are kind of like hot cross buns.... I'm not sure what that means...

Yes that did have to be in all caps. Remember about my tiny heart? Tarot fills it up to bursting (especially when it pairs with my other insatiable love: my typewriter). So I have more to say about both those in the days to come.

And finally—on another completely unrelated note—if you have been sitting in the audience silent for some time, type things at me! I want to know you all and have intellectual exchanges (or just fits of fangirling over cool stuff) with you guys.

tl;dr Cutter has a lot to say and nowhere near the verbal ability to fully express the things, so he tries and maybe fails. But he's excited and hoping you are too, mostly because I'm trying to get back into a regular posting schedule.