Weskmer! Eseldmor...! ....Welskmo...? Eskmo and Welder (because they're the same person)

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! I apologise for the atrocious butchering of the English language you see above this—so close to the insanity that is often reserved for Deep Fantasy writers (anyone who types VKJBelkansdkfnkjalsdkjg and narrows it down to a name—like Kelanjal. [Editor's note: Totally not me, by the way. Yeah. Totally. Not me at all. Ha. Ha ha. It's pronounced KELL-an-yall, by the way.])

BUT IT'S TUNEFUL TUESDAY! (or perhaps known as the shameful day Cutter realises he's forgotten to do a Music Monday!)

Welder and Eskmo!

The brilliant mind behind both these found-sound electronic projects is Brendan Angelides.

[vimeo 21085817 w=500 h=281]

The video above was actually my first contact with the illustrious man—I used to be a huge fan of Weebl and the ridiculous content of weebls-stuff.com, and they sometimes had this guy called Cyriak do mind-bending videography and post it on the site. So one day I checked in, and there was a new Cyriak video for this song called "We Got More" and I watched it. Great story right? I should tell it again? Tell it at parties and I'll make friends?

Anyway, I listened to it and decided it was decent enough to check out his other music. Now, to get through the rest of this story, you have to recall those old times (perhaps unique to me) where iTunes was the way to find new music. I remember spending hours and hours pouring through the iTunes store listening to all sorts of music—though I will admit that I did get referrals from Yahoo! Music because I used to be a ravenous watcher of music videos.

Naturally while looking at Eskmo, Welder popped up in the "Other Listeners Enjoyed" section, so I gave it a listen, and ended up buying the whole of the Eskmo's self-titled, and about half of Welder's Vines & Stream.

What really attracts me to this music is the found-sound element I mentioned before. It's basically sampling the world around you—if you want a quick and insightful look into what sampling is, the best place is Pogo. His jams are LEGENDARY, and not in the sort of gimmicky way Mr. Stinson gives us. But being able to jam all these frankly random sounds into a song and make it aesthetically pleasing is an awesome talent.

The only real problem I find is that sometimes his lyrics are a bit droll. He uses them as another percussive element sometimes, but the repetition can become stale. Other times they are just not on-par, artistically, with the rest of the work. But occasionally, the words hit right at home, as with Cloudlight (my favourite song of Eskmo's—to this day):

[vimeo 14309120 w=500 h=281]

And wonder of wonders, Eskmo just put out a new album this month: SOL (click on it and you can listen to the whole thing for free while reading a good discussion about the album with Mr. Angelides).

tl;dr Cutter talks to you about electronic music which is RAD. Yeah.