Tarot Tuesdays! (or: Yes, I Understand It's a Bit Late, But You're Old Enough to Deal With It)

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! Today is #throwbackthursday, so I thought I'd celebrate by doing a sort of double-post of things I should have done the last couple of days. [Editor's note: Remind Alan to remove this an instead retroactively date the posts as published on the correct days.]

So, I'm thinking it's time for a new segment I like to call TAROT TUESDAYS! YAAAAAAY!

The idea is I'll do this maybe twice a month and just give updates on my progression through the Tarot, as well as an opportunity to get your opinions on times to do readings. Which I'm going to do right now:

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Alright, now that you've cast your vote (please vote, otherwise I will be eternally lost in a mire of self-doubt and darkness... or something), we can talk about the small advancements I have made.

First, I have learned two new spreads: Legba's Cane and an Options Spread. Actually, I used both in my mass reading last Saturday, which was a delightful time spent sitting in the shade because Arizona's dumb and doesn't even realise how winter is supposed to work. [Editor's note: another shout-out to the lovely ladies and gentleman who came out and had their cards read. If you enjoyed it even a fifth of how much I did, then we all had an amazing time! :D ]

Anyway, to get back on track—Legba's Cane. This spread actually has its roots in an old African-mythology-based  belief system called Voudun. This is a tradition born from the Yoruba tribe's mythology and the French Catholicism which met in the New World of Louisiana and Haiti. As you may have guessed—if you're like me and enjoy saying any new words you come across—this turned into Voodoo. Legba is actually a bastardization of Elegua*, the god of thresholds, which is why this spread is good for finding the key to a situation, and also to find the way out of a particular situation you want to leave. The whole thing is only two cards—one on the right and one on the left. The one on the right stands for a door that is open, a door needs to be opened, or a door you need to recognise is open; inversely, the card on the left stands for a door that is closed, a door that needs to be closed, or a door you need to recognise is closed.

[Editor's note: *citation needed]

The other spread I learned is an Option spread. This one is extremely self-explanatory—it gives you options for a question where you have definite paths to follow. However, it also adds an extra, unconsidered path; a card to tell you how clearly you are seeing your choices; a key factor you have yet to consider; a need that must be met before you can make your choice; and finally a card to help you make your decision. Now, I ask the person what their choice would be before I reveal this last card, because the emotional reaction may reveal the querent's true desires.

So yeah! I'm super stoked to use these on you—but you can only have these if you vote for a day in the poll above!

tl;dr Cutter loves Tarot but has no schedule or discipline, and for this he apologises.