Music Monday! It's still maybe a thing! ...Perhaps. Right Away, Great Captain!

Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of the Vox Chaotica Council! It's been a shamefully long time since I last spoke to you, and for that I apologise. Though this is actually a rather good transition to our lovely addition to Music Mondays!

Right Away, Great Captain!

I mean, the songs make up for the kinda bland/uninteresting album artwork. Our friend Mr. Hull has some fantastic songwriting skill.An alter ego of Andy Hull (of Manchester Orchestra fame), today's project is pretty much the epitome of what I want to do with my life. Each of the four albums is another section to the story of a 17th century sailor who returns from sea to find his wife and his brother *ahem* not dancing.

I ran into this delightfully morose and tragic album through 8tracks (tell them to pay me something for this, would you? I'm a bit strapped for cash...). Some playlist I found—I'd tell you if I remembered, or knew how to look it up. Listen, I am plugged into my music a lot. Probably unhealthy amounts of time spent funneling glorious sound waves from speakers into my hearing bones, to my mind so I can teach my poor robotic heart how to feel like its human counterpart.

Anyway... I found the track Memories on a Deck, Part II, and I dropped the dish I was cleaning on my foot (I have this sick crescent-shaped scar on my foot from a similar accident with a cup that shattered) because the song jerked my attention away from this reality. Anyway, I immediately put it on my iTunes Wish List—keep yer SLIMY COMMENTS TA YERSELF, YE SCABBEROUS HOUNDS! iTunes may not be the best, but at least the artists receive reasonable payment—looking at you, Spotify.

All sold out. :CI just finished streaming the whole album (The Bitter End) on bandcamp, and it's a delightful mix of bedroom vocals, bright guitars, and wonderful storytelling. I highly recommend listening to it—especially for those of you who had terrible Valentine's Days. There's plenty of anger and betrayal and unhappy lover's quarreling in the grooves of this concept album (and its siblings that continue the story).

tl;dr Cutter always listens to sad music, unless it's on his guilty pleasures playlist. This set of three albums by Right Away, Great Captain! is the fulfillment of Cutter's dream to just make concept albums his whole life.