Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of the Vox Chaotica Council! I am showing my bourgeois plebeian side, but it's Thanksgiving and I'm going to post about it. Come at me bro!

Now, as you can probably guess because I evidently hate food; Thanksgiving is not my most favourite holiday ever. You might notice that regular staples of a Thanksgiving feast—such as Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing (dressing for those of you familiar with Southernisms), mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie—are not on the list, and so the food part of my Thanksgiving has always been more of a chore than an enjoyable thing.

But my family is amazing. We are a bunch of Level Twelve Oddballs who all share a sense of humour drier than the Sahara, but with varying tinges of darkness—I should clarify that I'm speaking of my extended family on my father's side. Da has a sister and two younger brothers (the Twins), and they each have a spouse and two children, and all of them have come over for Thanksgiving since I can remember. And this is why I actually enjoy Thanksgiving—my family is awesome and we all love each other and all that lovely sappy stuff.

Tell me what movie that's from to get a cool 200 points.

Except the family pictures. Mum and my aunt Jamie are HUGE into pictures and scrapbooking, so they always spend no less than half their holidays taking pictures of what's going on. And so after dessert, there's always the dreaded call "Would the C family all come to the stairs?"

Tangent: My extended family is segregated by names, and the way to remember us is CAKE. My sister and I both have "C" names. Both children belonging to one of my uncles have "A" names. The other uncle's children have "K" names. And my aunt's family's last name begins with E (her children do not have first-letter-matching first names).

Anyway, that's not really what I wanted to talk about. The stereotypical, capitalist idea of Thanksgiving is great, but it overlooks the really obvious part of Thanksgiving we seemed to leave back in elementary school: being thankful for what we have.

I have a lot to be thankful for. It's insane, and I took a moment today to sit and just revel in the awe-filled existence I have had the pleasure to live. I won't list out things here because I'm not sure anyone really wants to know (and it's enough for me that I know—Cutter says as he indulges himself in his ridiculous semi-belief in solipsism); except this blog.

Thank you all for reading and the lovely comments you have all left for me during the lifespan of this blog. You guys are awesome!

tl;dr Cutter gets all sappy on you, talks about his Thanksgiving, and gives his friends a digital picture of a gift he wants to give them today whichisactuallyareferencetoamovieandyoucangetpointsifyouknowwhatmovieitisokaythankslovesbye