TW:T - Kyle and the List of Four

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! Tuesday

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I - Kyle

The sun hung at its zenith—I could only tell this because the sun is perfectly visible through the arch window over the main door when laying on the cold white tile floor of the entranceway. My friend (another not-by-blood-brother) Kyle had driven up from Tucson to vacation from his hospital job, and we proceeded to jam. His piano is a soothing symphony of complex melodies woven in equal parts by his heart and his training, and makes my best works seem like the senseless, tuneless songs made by toddlers pretending.

We were unable to complete our normal transition from music to videogames because Tales of Symphonia was nowhere to be found. The afternoon sun was starting to shine in amber beams along the blue carpet (the same as is so soft to unshod feet, and which dear Lorainne heard so much about), and Kyle had to leave, so we performed our secret handshake and he departed, full of smiles.

II - The List of Four

The amber light melted into a parchment screen with four tenants—or were they commandments?—penned by a steady, cramped hand. The arcane words poured into my soul, past the memory banks of my brain, and into my being; I must complete these four things. The first was split into four separate tasks. The remaining three were simple, and yet I remember none of the List of Four, nor was I able to complete them. I do not remember how much time passed, but a significant length transpired and I had to revisit the List without any successes at the trials. I was about to set out again when a white sunburst exploded in my vision.

I woke up.

Night Gallery at Tempe Marketplace; Friday, November 21; Beginning 6:30 p.m. Bring everyone you know!

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Accomplishments: No deaths (mine or otherwise), discussed what to change about the limited run of "tickets" with the artist Sal, stayed up waaay too late with a good friend, watched Sex, Lies and Videotape. Read a fantastic Mac n' Cheese recipe, and was astounded at the number of people who visited.

tl;dr Cutter is tired and will not be able to conscious for much longer... I might not even get the tags properly sorted before I just fall asleep. Also, listening to my iTunes playlist "Down."