It's over one THOUSAND!!

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! It's been freaking waaaaay too long (like 72 hours) since I should have put up a post. In my defence (hahaha it's a slow joke—wait for it), I spent half my day Friday working on my thesis, Labyrinths, at the amazing Night Gallery with my superfly-fantastic band, The Darling Sounds, and I AM SO STOKED FOR THIS FRIDAY'S PERFORMANCE! I am performing my concept album I wrote for my thesis at Night Gallery at 6:30, November 21, 2014. Invite everyone you know! Invite people you don't know! Invite that cute girl you've been sitting next to in class this whole semester as a totally platonic date and then be so ashamed you never speak to her again! [Actually don't do that last part—I sometimes give really bad advice.]


Anyway, another important thing has happened–this blog received its one thousandth view sometime last Wednesday! Honestly I have no idea why anyone here actually reads any of the stuff I post. Seriously? WHALES, Cutter? You wrote 752 words about freaking the spawn of prehistoric semi-aquatic deer?

But thank you all the same. I am delighted to talk with you all, so feel free to ask me stuff in the comments or just say random things at me there too. I always respond, even if my response is like six words. If you think my response sucks, COME AT ME BRO! Or... well, I mean you could just tell me so, then I'll send you a GIF (that is pronounced like gift without the t, and if you say otherwise, please get the crap off my blog you elitist so-and-so!) of me crying in a corner wailing about how I let down the whole universe. [Editor's note: if nothing else, I am good for building your confidence.]

Insta-karma, brosef!

Also, I cannot promise this with a full guarantee, but I think I can finally get Fanday Fridays back on track. The new lineup includes my not-by-blood-brother Riley and Ariana (she did the art for my album cover!), and possibly Taylor (KáLeena's not-by-blood-brother who is quite an amazing chap), and Sal (the first person to submit art for my thesis and an all-around amazing dude!)—so keep an eye out for those. [Editor's note: I cannot make a 100% money-back guarantee because this week is my thesis performance week, and I can't promise anyone anything except that Friday night will be the most amazing Literature Rock concert anyone has ever seen—in the Night Gallery... on Friday November 21, 2014... by Cutter Videan. Self-depreciating humour, AHOY!]

The only other thing to add is that I am going to try a new format this week, so keep an eye out and tell me how it's working. I encourage you to flam this storee, u priepy goff. [Editor's note: I'm too far gone to back out of doing these now. For those of you who have not had the dual pleasure and torture of having My Immortal read aloud to you, NEVER search for it. It will ruin your life, and you will never, ever be able to get back together with your mind. Unrelatedly, how do you like all these pop culture references I've crammed into the story?]

Listen, I just need you to love me for who I am, and understand I am under a lot of pressure right now. Also, Timber needed a friend/rider.

PS The long joke is that I have to defend my thesis on December 3, so I have to ready my defence. It was a terrible joke and I'm sorry this is such a let down. Take another one of these on me, yeah?

tl;dr Go see me play post-rock music in an art gallery! I reached 1000 views here and prove myself to be a sappy git! AND I JUST LEARNED HOW TO MAKE ALT-TEXT APPEAR ON MY PICTURES GO CHECK THEM ALL OUT BECAUSE I AM FUNNY IN MY ALT-TEXT!