Queries for Cutter

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of the Vox Chaotica Council! I was going to write this post about the rain we had today and then I thought to myself: am I going to lower myself to the same level as the 3.x million other bourgeoisie plebians in Phoenix who post things like "OMG GAIZE ITS RAINENG OUTSIDE! LOLZ HEHEHE #WET SELFIE!" (literally posted by no one ever, but I am equally interested and terrified who will find my blog because of that hashtag...)? Alas, I already did that on Facebook.

Then I thought I should post about my food habits. Spoilers: I'm super picky. I have a list of "healthy" foods that I eat (that badly needs revising) that is about 42 items long. This was because I opened up iPhoto and I saw a picture of the first fajitas I ever had (Garduños–Albuquerque, New Mexico–2012)–what should not surprise you is that I basically just ate the chicken and it was super delicious. I'll probably blog about that when I have so many followers no one cares that I put out a really dumb post about how stupid my taste buds can be.

And I just deep-sixed the post I almost wrote about being sad, so very, very sad. "WHAT'S THAT?" you casually scream at me, "TWO LINKS IN THE SAME SENTENCE!?" Yeah... I mean it's not that weird–I used three words in a row for three different links in my last Fanday Friday!...

You may be asking (rightly, in my humble o-pine-yon–say it out loud, it's a terrible aural joke), "why are you telling me these things and not just writing a post about freaking whales or something?" Because I already did that. And I feel it's about time I actually gave you a little about me as a real person and not just the funny part of me I plaster all over this blog.

Battlebear Cutter

I suck at "real talk"–as the kids today say–because I rarely open up to people and therefore have minimal practice. To work around this, you're doing to have to do a little work. This is a terrible crossover from tumblr: an ask post. Literally ask me anything in response to this comment. Go anonymous if you like, or if you don't want me to know what you were curious about. If you'd rather do this on twitter for short and concise, I'm @SavantGard. I'll respond to everything–even rather unimaginative questions like:  "Are you a boy?" and high-level cerebral questions like: "What is the science behind the Uncertainty Principle?"

Are you a human from the future? This offer does not expire. If you found your way here, ask a question, no matter if a thousand years have passed–my ghost will eternally keep a psychic link to this page so I can respond from Level Two.

tl;dr Cutter's in a bit of a slump due to stress, loneliness, and listening to Hospice by The Antlers. He wants to feel alive and connected again (I would love to have a sarcasm font), so he's reaching out to you, to reach out to him. Ask him anything!