This is a test of the Vox Chaotica Broadcasting System

Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of the Vox Chaotica Council! It is with a leaden heart I confess to you a terrible truth. I have no one to spotlight today. I have the next four Fridays lined up, but between myself and the schedules of the artists I have contacted, no one is ready for today's Fanday Friday.

Which brings me to a short segment I like to call: Cutter Asks You Who I Should Spotlight.

I know the title may be a wee bit confusing, but what I want to do is to ask you who I should spotlight. Please, flood my inbox/the comment section below with anyone you know who is artistic in any form or media so neither you nor I have to go through this terrible ordeal ever again. I mean, a week without Fanday Friday is like a week without air. A week without inkpens. A week without colossal squid!

Oh I see you looking at me like that! As if you've never owned a colossal squid. As if you never went out into the ocean and deep-sea dived into the crushing black depths and spent six months learning the clicking, whooshing language of the squid just to befriend one in order to lure it back to shore so you could capture it and make it live in your swimming pool. AS IF you don't secretly honour Cthulhu, Oldest of the Elder Gods, whose terrible face drips a mass of tentacles, and is half man, half dragon, and half cephalopod. AS IF YOU CAN LOOK ASKANCE AT MY CLEARLY INSANE RAMBLINGS!

Anyway. Things got a little heated there. I apologise. I should not have just assumed you had the wherewithal to go befriend a colossal squid (I do because my spirit animal is a whale–except that's not even close to the truth), and I am truly sorry for my oversight.

We have gotten so off-topic. Nominate your friends! Nominate people you have a crush on! Nominate that random stranger who does art sometimes! Just let me know. If you nominate someone and I actually do them, I will mention you in their post and make sure they know what a fantastic friend you are and always have been.

Questions include:

What kinds of artistic things do you do?

How would you describe yourself in seven words or less?

What apocalypse do you think will actually happen?

Do you mind me trying to explain you with a song?

If you were a card in a tarot deck's Major Arcana, which one would you be?

And many others which are just as interesting and totally don't sound like one of those chain emails from the Barbaric 90s...


PS – Besides, I don't even have a pool.

tl;dr Cutter needs you to volunteer your friends for Fanday Friday spotlights!