∞ Shows. But seriously, all the shows.

Gentlewomen and Gentlemen of the Vox Chaotica Council! First off, I haven't said this in a while, and you NEED to know: You are awesome.

I may or may not be more or less awesome depending on certain variables and the degree to which I am vague about the general thing, but really who knows. Did that sentence confuse you? It confused me.

But this is a serious post! You can tell because this is a legitimate picture of my face right now (though in emoji form):


Super serious. All the seriousness ever. So serious. We have to talk about my music.

C'MON SON! Get on that Level Twelve Lit Rock life!

Before I get into specifics, it is important I credit the delightful and masterful Ariana Enriquez for supplying the superb cover art. She and the equally talented and inimitable Salvador Galvan have submitted works for me to use for the liner notes of my thesis. This call for art is still open, and the submission date extended to November 7.

But back to the thesis! It is official! I'm getting ready for it all to go down. The Night Gallery at Tempe Marketplace will be hosting us the evening of November 21 from 6-9 (there is going to be a reception after the hour-ish long performance). An official poster will be up soon (here and everywhere), and you are welcome to bring friends! Bring your enemies! Bring your dogs and cats and snails and pet unicorns! Bring your Mum and your Da! You can get a taste for the sweet, sweet musics that will grace your earlobes here on my soundcloud!

If you actually bring a unicorn, I will love you forever. Unconditionally. SO MUCH LOVE!


The lovely Grace has done a fantastic Old Movie Monsters themed shirt design which should be available for our demo release show!

The Darling Sounds have two shows of our own music this month! We are playing the Grand Avenue Festival November 8. I have no idea when the actual performance is scheduled, and for that I am a terrible bandmate and self-promoter in general. But as we have posted about incessantly, our demo is finally done (!!) and we will be playing a release show at The Trunk Space November 28 with two secret bands! OOOoOOooooOooOooooh secret bands oooOOOoOOOOOOoOOOOOoOH!

To be brutally honest, that's it. My music life is on FIRE right now, but my thesis is eating up all of my time.

tl;dr Ariana and Sal have given me art for my thesis and both are phenomenal artists, so go check their blogs (linked in their names), my thesis is barreling toward completion, and there are SO MANY SHOWS I'm playing this month. I also shamelessly link to Alicia Key's "Girl on Fire".