Tarot—like most non-traditional practices—is pigeonholed as mystical or occult practice that tampers with The Natural Order of Things™©®. Media portrayals almost exclusively paint readers as women wearing miles of fabric sitting at tea tables bathed in incense smoke and ponderously explaining how the 7 of Swords means you must now watch your back constantly and then *GASP* the next card is XIII - Death, so you are going to *DIE*!!

Tarot, in actuality, is much less melodramatic. Mostly, the practice is just another problem-solving tool, using graphic storytelling: the predominantly image-based cards encourage our brains to break free from the mire of memos, books, notes, emails, blog posts, and other literary constructs we bombard our minds with every day. By switching the focus away from the written word, our brains must use different thinking-centers to process, literally forcing us to consider our problems from a new viewpoint.

Second Sight Academy is a 6- or 8-week course designed to instruct you to harness the problem-solving power of Tarot reading. During that time, you will learn all about the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana (in four suits: Swords, Pentacles, Cups, and Wands), four different Spreads, and all the ways Cutter Videan knows to connect you to your deck. Each class lasts roughly 2.5 hours, and meets once per week. The lessons include detailed explanations, group discussions, a few in-class exercises and a goodly amount of amusing anecdotes. Each week has an at-home assignment, and there is a final test; but before you get nervous, know the work is ungraded, and the final test does not have an essay section.